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New FIC: Bedtime - utib
New FIC: Bedtime
Hi, here is another snippet from me. Some time ago i read a story called "Bath is a four letter word" and there was mention that Speed kicked Dracula. But not how that happened. So I wrote my own version in honour of Sarah Hall and WhiteWolf who inspired me. Hope you like it. :)

Title: “Bedtime“
Fandom: CSI: M - Sylum
Pairing: Horatio/Speed and the kitten
Rating: FRM
Disclaimer: I own no one.
Plays before „BATH is a four letter Word“ from Sarah Hall and WhiteWolf

** Dracula’s POV **

It was a sunny evening and with a full tummy I went to my favorite sleeping spot. Sneaking into the bedroom I found my two humans already in there.

Yes, my two humans. I also adopted the scruffy one after he gave me such a nice long back rub some weeks ago as we waited for my ginger haired human to come home. Oh the scruffy one really is a fun one and I named him my speedy-human. He is fast in many ways……..

I climed onto the bed and rolled up at their feets. *yawn *

Neither of them noted me because they were “sleeping” together again. Sleeping? Both naked on the bed, rubbing on each other, moaning deeply, hands roaming over their bodies, my red-human spreaded his legs wider and tilted his head as speedy showed his fangs before he bite gently into the offered neck.

My red-human promised me that I will have such big fangs too, when I am grown. I can hardly wait.

Even a dog could see that they weren’t sleeping. Sweat covered their bodies as speedy rocked above my red-human. He groand deeply as my speedy-human sank his fangs into his neck. Their motions became more frantic. Maybe I could help them to cool down a bit? So I starked at their feets and licked speedy-humans foot.

I didn’t know my Speedy-human was ticklished at his feet – till now. The sudden movement of his feet took me by surprise and he shoved me from the bed. *Woah--* With a soft Thud I landed on their chlotes. *blink blink* Why wasn’t I on the bed anymore? *confused look*

Before I could even meow my humans looked down to me. “Sorry, cutie, no harm done, okay? I didn’t shove you down on propose.” My speedy human apologized.

Why should I be angry or anything? Here I am, laying on my favorite shirt of my red-human, you know, the blue silk one. *wide grin* The one that always smells the best of him. I could bath in that skent. Hey – why not? *strech and rub purring on the nice blue shirt …*

“Hey” my red-human laughed. “That’s my shirt”
I know that – why do you think I’m snuggling on it?
“Good taste, cutie” my speedy-human congrats me “I see your kitten has the same favourites as I have - You” he grinned to reedy.
Still laughing my red-human reached down and pulled me up to them. “You want to be with us? Then you need a safer spot” with that he gently sat me down on the pillow beside him.

“Enjoy the view” my speedy-human smiled before he turned his full attention back to my red-human. They began anew to move together. New moans filled the room, new sweat covered their bodies. It didn’t took long before they both shouted aloud. Then they snuggled up together and fall asleep.

I sneaked up to them and laid down between their heads. Here I belong. Here WE belong. All there of us together in bed. Live is good. Happily I purred till I fall asleep.


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bable_on From: bable_on Date: June 1st, 2007 08:22 am (UTC) (Link)
Cute! That sounds SO much like my kitties!
ilh214 From: ilh214 Date: August 19th, 2007 11:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
that was soooo cute. good job. :)
utib From: utib Date: August 20th, 2007 09:42 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi Ilh214,
thank you very much for your feedback. :-D
More will follow soon.
3 comments or Leave a comment